Holidays with the kids really are fantastic, spending quality time together and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Travel provides opportunities to experience new places and things, there’s so much value in showing kids the world. But lets face it… there can be challenges when travelling with kids and if the thought of it alone makes your stress-levels rise, then you will be pleased to know hassle free family holidays are possible with the help of a few handy products!

Kooshy Kids, an Australian owned and designed company, loves to see kids travel and is all about stress-free family travel, providing the best travel products to have a relaxing holiday with children… yes I did just put “relaxing” and “holiday with children” in the same sentence!

So here are my top 5 product recommendations for an easier holiday with kids:

1. The Kooshy Kids Kooshion – Inflatable Travel Cushion

Keeping kids comfortable is vital to successful travel, especially on long-haul flights, which can be a nightmare if you don’t have a way of letting your child stretch out and lay flat for some sleep. Lucky there is a practical and affordable product available to help. The Kooshy Kids Kooshion can be used to create a flat, flexible space on a regular economy plane seat for kids to spread out on. It is placed on the floor between your child’s seat and the seat in front and once inflated, provides a large flat surface for a comfortable sleeping space. It’s simple to use, lightweight, durable and comfy with a soft top.

Both you and the kids will love it! The kids will love it because they will have more space to stretch out their legs, play happily and sleep comfortably. You will love it because you wont have the kids sprawled across you, waking up with a stiff neck and irritable. I believe this product really is a must when flying with kids…if the kids can get some sleep then so can you (and maybe get in a wine and a movie).

You might have seen or heard of these type of plane travel cushions recently as more and more airlines are allowing the use of such travel sleep devices onboard, including a recent approval by Virgin Australia. In fact over 50 airlines worldwide allow the use of the Kooshy Kids Kooshion during the flight with some common sense conditions i.e. it must be deflated for takeoff and landing.

Being able to sleep on a plane is the best way to pass the time on a long flight, so if you’re keen to get to your destination as quick as possible… sleep is the answer and Kooshy Kids Kooshion is the solution!

2. Tiger Tribe Activity Set – Travel toys and entertainment

Yes, you can let your kids watch their shows and play with their tablets and gadgets on holidays and when travelling, but if you’re looking for some alternate entertainment that engages their creative minds and gives them a nice break from technology (plus you don’t need to charge any batteries!) there are some great travel friendly toys and games available.

Kooshy Kids recommends and stocks Tiger Tribe products. Tiger Tribe games are compact and portable and encourage independent play, they are perfect for travelling kids. Magnetic games, play scenes and design boards help develop imagination and fine motor skills.

Kids love Tiger Tribe products! They love building and designing various scenes with the activity sets and finding something different to create each time they use them. You will love seeing your child kept entertained and engaged in independent play for hours.

Convenient and compact activity sets like Tiger Tribes products are quite popular for keeping kids amused in various locations (not just planes), you might have seen kids playing with them in cafes, restaurants and I also find them useful for long trips in the car.

Getting kids to use their imagination by providing them with toys that foster creative play is great for their cognitive development as this type of play builds skills in many essential development areas.

3. Family Passport Wallet

You must be extra organized when travelling with kids. I don’t know about you, but I find that as the mum, I am always the one doing the majority of the organizing from researching the destination and booking the travel insurance to double checking the flight times and holding all of the passports!

Obviously, when it comes to your family’s travel documents and passports, it’s important to keep them. A Kooshy Kids family passport wallet is ideal for this. The wallet makes it easier to access passports quickly and minimizes the chance of misplacing essential documentation.

You will love having a place to keep all the essentials together, plus a pen, which is always needed, but always seems to go missing! The kids will love handing their passport over to you so they don’t have to worry or think about it.

Family passport wallets are not overly common, but they really are useful, so now you know where to get one, and if you do you will love it!

4. On-The-Go Parent Backpack

A modern and more convenient approach to the traditional nappy bag a Kooshy Kids On-the-Go Parent Backpack is awesome when travelling. Practical, stylish and uni-sex, the backpack provides generous space for all of you and your child’s necessities.

You will love its functionality. Designed by an Aussie mum with easy access to bottles, wipes and even items at the bottom of the main compartment without needing to open from the top. It also comes with a bonus change mat with waterproof purse and pram hooks. Plus it’s lightweight so the kids might even carry it for you!

Ideal when travelling, there is a secure anti-theft compartment at the inner back for your valuables.

You might have seen nappy backpacks around as parents opt for a more convenient and comfortable bag option. A backpack type bag means your hands are free which I find especially great when travelling (as my hands are often needed to hold shopping, tickets and the kids hands!) With a parent backpack, you are free to take your travel adventure by two hands…and dad can help carry the load too!

5. Baby Hire Company in destination – for bigger essential items

(Ok so its not an exact product, but it’s a place to access many many products!!) Because there are some obvious essential items for children, most notably a stroller and a portacot, that are too big and bulky and inconvenient to carry with you, finding a baby hire company in your destination is key.

Baby hire companies will offer you a range of baby related products to use when in destination, they are very convenient and often quite affordable. Research your destination in advance for a baby hire company. They will often deliver the items to your hotel in advance for added convenience.

I recommend at the least hiring a good quality, easy to use, compact and light-weight travel stroller. Chances are you are going to be out and about doing things, seeing the sights and discovering new places for a lot of the holiday. During these outings little legs will get tired and need a rest, so taking a stroller with you is a really good idea. I personally love the Babyzen Yoyo travel stroller, as it’s so very compact and light-weight. The kids will love sitting up in the stroller resting, but still feeling part of the action.

You will love finding a good baby hire company in your travel destination so you can easily and conveniently access some baby essential products, saving you from the hassle of carrying the items with you as excess luggage. You know you will already have enough bags to carry!

Happiness is planning a trip somewhere new, with someone you love. So go on…book that family holiday and grab some Kooshy Kids travel gear to help make sure it’s a stress-free journeyl!

By: Megan Maden