Before children you likely had a strong aisle vs window preference. If you were a frequent flyer, you probably even had that preference hardcoded into your flight bookings. Today, it’s the million dollar question: should you choose the aisle or window with a baby?

Break the suspense: aisle or window?

While it’s not such a surprise that your choice of seat might now be different because you are flying with a baby, many parents may not realise that it’s ALSO a choice which will continually need to be reassassed.  The right answer will depend on where your child is at, the type of flight you are taking, and also, the type of child you have. (A wriggler? You probably want the aisle).

Best choice of seat for small babies or short flights.

For very small babies, and short flights, you might find the window is still actually more comfortable. There’s a tiny bit more space to spread out and on a short flight – even when flying with a baby of this age – you’re probably hardly going to need to get up. If you’re super lucky and your little baby is snoozing (unlikely with a bub over six months; they tend to think the experience of flying is so fun they’ll probably skip their nap), you may even get to rest your head against the window for a bit of a rest yourself.

Best choice of seat on a long haul flight with a baby.

But on a long haul flight, or any domestic flight where your baby is around six months or older, you will likely probably find the aisle seat is far more useful. Forget about naps; what’s more likely now is that your child will want to play – crawling down the aisle is a popular option.  If you want them to rest, pop them in a baby carrier like an Ergo and they may be lulled to sleep as you walk up and down the aisle. Either way, the you and the aisle are likely to get well acquainted every time you are flying with a baby of this age.

The worst seat of all?

It goes without saying that you never, ever, ever will want a middle seat. Does anyone?

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