Cruise view from deck toward sea - Cruising with a baby

Cruising with a baby

There is cruising with kids, and there's cruising with a baby. It's important to realise they are two quite different beasts.
Best travel high chair

Best travel high chair

your baby is six months or older, you'll find a travel high chair really handy. But which is the best travel high chair and why?
Airbnb with a baby

Airbnb with a baby

Airbnb with a baby? You may think that if you’re travelling with a baby, nobody would want to rent you a room on Airbnb. You’d be mistaken: it's a great option for family travel.
Diary month view - holidays with babies

Planning holidays with babies

There's an art to planning holidays with babies. Follow our 5 tips to holiday happiness!
Guest Room - Family Visit Tips

Family visit: 7 tips for a successful stay

A family visit can be fabulous or fraught. Here are some tips for a successful stay with family or friends if you have a baby.

10 essential tips for flying with a baby

We know: flying with a baby for the first time is incredibly daunting. But trust us - it's rarely as bad as you imagine....
Amsterdam with kids - Kinderboederij de Werf - Kids petting zoo, bikes and a pig

Amsterdam with kids: unique baby-friendly playgrounds

If you are in Amsterdam with kids you must try the local playgrounds with a memorable twist: they are also petting zoos known as Kinderboerderji.
Breastfeeding sign - Breastfeeding and travel: a perfect pair

Breastfeeding and travel: a perfect pair

Breastfeeding and travel: it has to be said, this is usually incredibly convenient. But what if you're shy?
Flying alone with baby: 7 tips for success, baby exploring the plane

Flying alone with baby in tow? 7 tips for success

Nervous about flying alone with baby? Our 7 tips for successfully flying solo with a baby will help.

Listen: We’re on Travel Writers Radio

Sue White of talks to Travel Writers Radio about the website's birth and her favourite tips for travel with young kids.
House Sitting with cat sleeping

House sitting

House sitting is a great way to keep accommodation costs down, but it also offers other benefits when travelling with a baby.
How Long - Paris Skyline

How long?

How long is too long to be away with your baby? Or how short is too short? After all the packing, planning and logistics involved, when you get there, you may want to stay a while.

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