Best baby bibs for travel

Best baby bibs for travel

It may seem a tiny thing; which are the best baby bibs for travelling? Check out our practical, robust bib suggestions.
Airplane Food - Baby food on a plane

Baby food on a plane

Your baby eats real food, but how do you deal with feeding your baby food on a plane?
Sleeping baby with arm extended

Sleeping baby: how to help your baby sleep while travelling

Irrespective of location, all parents want to be the proud owner of a sleeping baby. Here's how to help your bub sleep when on holidays.
Paris with Kids - Theatre Jardin Luxembourg - puppets

Paris with kids (+ baby!): a daytrip on foot

Paris is famously a destination for romance, but Paris with kids can be just as fabulous (although in a different way).  If you're in...
baby formula on a plane

Flying nanny: a saviour for long haul flights?

We road test Etihad Airway's flying nanny program with a 10 month old baby.
Aisle or window with a baby

Aisle or window with a baby?

Before children you likely had an aisle v window preference that made your flight that little bit more comfortable. Sorry, the days of personal preference are gone. (A wriggler? You probably want the aisle.)
You and your travel baby - how to enjoy a holiday when the baby sleeps

You and your travel baby: how to enjoy a holiday when the baby sleeps

This post is simply a bucket list of tips to inspire you on how to make the trip a ‘holiday’ for you. 7 simple ideas for enjoying a holiday with a baby while the baby sleeps.

Listen: Talking baby travel on ABC radio

Who doesn't love a good yarn on the radio? As a keen talker from way back, I certainly do! This interview was a recent chat...
Baby friendly accommodation

Baby friendly accommodation

Baby friendly accommodation is about more than just packing a travel cot: here's what to consider when choosing where to stay.
House Sitting with cat sleeping

House sitting

House sitting is a great way to keep accommodation costs down, but it also offers other benefits when travelling with a baby.

ABC Babytalk + Sue talk baby travel

Thrilled to be featured on a podcast from Australia's national broadcaster this week. Host Penny and I spent the latest episode of her fabulous show...

5 Things You Need to Know Before Taking Your Baby On Holiday

It’s natural to worry about taking your baby on holiday with you. However, you might be surprised to learn that they can be pretty...

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