Sleeping baby with arm extended

Sleeping baby: how to help your baby sleep while travelling

Irrespective of location, all parents want to be the proud owner of a sleeping baby. Here's how to help your bub sleep when on holidays.
House Sitting with cat sleeping

House sitting

House sitting is a great way to keep accommodation costs down, but it also offers other benefits when travelling with a baby.
Solo travel with baby / mother with baby on plane

Solo travel with a baby

Solo travel: Irrespective of whether you’re single or partnered up it's highly likely that at some point you will end up travelling solo with your baby.
Baby passport pics

Baby passport – yes they need one

What's involved in getting a baby passport? (Yes, they do need one.)
Guest Room - Family Visit Tips

Family visit: 7 tips for a successful stay

A family visit can be fabulous or fraught. Here are some tips for a successful stay with family or friends if you have a baby.
Cycling in Amsterdam

Cycling in Amsterdam with a baby

Taking local transport always adds another dimension to a holiday, and while we are big fans of public transport, in Amsterdam there is another...
Italian pizza restaurant - Baby Friendly Restaurants

Baby-friendly restaurants

This will be fast, because frankly, when you are looking for baby-friendly restaurants, "fast" is your friend.

Listen: Talking baby travel on ABC radio

Who doesn't love a good yarn on the radio? As a keen talker from way back, I certainly do! This interview was a recent chat...
Baby carseats

Baby carseats

The main question with car travel is whose car? Our view is, if possible, take your own car. We know, this is not always practical, but there are benefits.
Flying alone with baby: 7 tips for success, baby exploring the plane

Flying alone with baby in tow? 7 tips for success

Nervous about flying alone with baby? Our 7 tips for successfully flying solo with a baby will help.
Flying with an infant: long haul, baby in bassinet on plane

Flying with an infant: long haul

Bassinets. Bulkhead. All airlines are not created equal when it comes to flying with an infant. On a long-haul flight, the more family-friendly the better.
insect repellent for babies - mosquito repellent for babies

Mosquito repellent for babies

Just like adults, your best mosquito repellent for babies is clothing. But if you need to go further try our baby-friendly repellent suggestions.

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