5 Things You Need to Know Before Taking Your Baby On Holiday

It’s natural to worry about taking your baby on holiday with you. However, you might be surprised to learn that they can be pretty...
Car driver view - roadtrip with baby

Roadtrip with baby: how to

Roadtrip with baby? Are you crazy? No - you just need to be prepared.

ABC Babytalk + Sue talk baby travel

Thrilled to be featured on a podcast from Australia's national broadcaster this week. Host Penny and I spent the latest episode of her fabulous show...
Happy Baby in Pram - best pram for travelling

Best pram for travelling

Which is the best pram for travelling? And should you take one at all?
Airport lounges: a saviour when travelling overseas with a baby

Airport lounges: a saviour when travelling overseas with a baby

If you're travelling overseas with a baby, and have a stop of two or more hours where you'll be hanging around the airport, we can't recommend airport lounges highly enough.
Flying with babies: short haul, flight check in with baby

Flying with babies: short haul

Flying with babies can feel daunting when you first think about it. Rest assured: the reality is usually far better than what you imagined!
taxi with baby seat - cab with a baby

Cab with a baby

When on holiday, should you take a cab with a baby? Or are there better choices?

Listen: We’re on Travel Writers Radio

Sue White of www.babieswhotravel.com talks to Travel Writers Radio about the website's birth and her favourite tips for travel with young kids.
Kids playing on Swiss trains - Train or plane

Train or plane travel? Which is best?

Travelling with a baby? Should you go by train or plane? We compare the two.
taxi with baby seat - cab with a baby

Taxi with baby seat: is it worth the bother?

When you are on holiday you may find that taxi cab travel with your baby becomes pretty important. A minefield right? Here's what to consider.
Opera in London. Yes, opera for babies!

Opera in London. Yes, opera for babies!

With kids and looking for children's theatre performances? How about taking your baby or toddler to the opera in London?

10 essential tips for flying with a baby

We know: flying with a baby for the first time is incredibly daunting. But trust us - it's rarely as bad as you imagine....

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