Cab? Taxi? Potato (potaaayto) or potahhhto? We all use different language for this one – but regardless, you’ll find our opinion on taxi cab travel with your baby on another page. If it were easier to find a taxi with baby seat, we’d probably be more enthusiastic about this option.

Promise – it’s just one little click away: Cab or taxi travel with a baby.

Can’t be bothered to click? Okay, here are three tips that will give you the jist of it.

3 Tips before you decide to find a taxi with baby seat:

  1. Is it really going to be a better solution than public transport?
  2. Would hiring a private car be a better option?
  3. If you’re going to be taking taxis a lot, consider taking your own baby seat and renting a car.  But really, why not read our full post on this? You have a small baby so have plenty of time (they just sleep all day), right?
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