In the car on a road trip, in the pram in a park, in a bassinet on a plane – babies need to take naps in all sorts of places, especially when travelling and away from their normal routine.

Enter the Fly Babee cover, an ideal solution for having a flexible sleep strategy no matter where you end up – and invented by a fellow mother! What? You don’t know the Fly Babee cover? You must have missed our review.

Babies Who Travel founder, Sue White, loved the Fly Babee so much that we’re giving one of them away over on our Facebook page.

To enter the competition to win a Fly Babee, visit our Facebook page and leave a comment on the below post that answers the question: what’s the weirdest spot your child has taken a nap?

Happy zzzz’s folks!

PS. Full T&Cs for the comp are here. That should put you to sleep, if you don’t happen to win 🙂


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