Paris is famously a destination for romance, but Paris with kids can be just as fabulous (although in a different way).  If you’re in Paris with kids and a baby, this walking tour daytrip will cater for everyone.


Paris with kids: a daytrip on foot for parents, babies and older kids alike.

Start by strolling the Latin Quarter by the Seine.

The left bank area is busy but beautiful. Plenty to look at, although the cobbled stones are a bit wobbly with a pram. But worth it!

Paris with kids - Quartier Latin Paris - afternoon

Next, wander the backstreets to the Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens).

There are playgrounds, sandpits and sailing boats for kids to control here… but you’re headed to somewhere even better, right in the middle of the gardens!

Paris with kids - Jardin du Luxembourg - Paris

Take in a puppet show at the Marionette Theatre du Luxembourg.

Older kids will love this, but babies of 9 months or so might also be intrigued. Either way, the theatre is next to a wonderful playground, suitable for all ages.  There’s also a carousel next door good for the older kids (babies will need to wait till the Tuileries – read on).

Paris with kids - Theatre Jardin du Luxembourg - Puppet Show

Cross the ‘love lock’ bridge – Pont des Arts.

Sure, the locks are on, then off, then on again, but either way, romance will likely reign in Paris! (Pont des Arts is about a 20 min walk from Jardin du Luxembourg and enroute to your next stop.)

Paris with kids - Pont des Arts, Paris - Bridge with love locks

Picnic in the playground at the Tuileries gardens.

Paris with kids - Baby Dining at Tuileries, ParisThe Tuileries are about 2.5 km from Jardin du Luxembourg, on the other side of the Seine (via Pont des Arts if you don’t get off course).

Don’t miss a ride on the carousel at the Tuileries – good for kids of all ages, but especially babies.  There IS a cafe nearby, but if you’re organised, bringing a picnic will give you more flexibility.

You’re now just next to the Louvre but probably out of energy.

Save that for another day!

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  1. I have fond memories of exploring Paris with a baby and toddler. There was plenty of space for us to let them run around after we spent time exploring churches and museums. Our baby backpack was such a lifesaver – my bub slept in it whilst we walked and explored and then it doubled as a ‘highchair’ when we sat to eat and drink. Le sigh….Paris.

    • Thanks for dropping by Leanne…Yes, Paris, ahhh. Good idea on the highchair/backpack. I could definitely have made much better use of a carrier than a pram except I wanted it for 10mth old’s big daysleeps…(used the carrier in Montemarte though – a pram there will all those stairs would be insane! I used the high chair we mention in our high chair post – folds up into pocket size – it was really useful. Have to say I worried there wouldn’t be space to run around (the keep off the grass thing) but there were tons of playgrounds – most even separated into ‘baby’ vs older kids. Tres polite yes?

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