There’s public transport, and then there are the Swiss trains. Really, with or without a baby, it’s hard to beat this country’s train system. The system is extensive, trains run on time (and coordinate with buses and ferries, if you’re connecting to do some scenic sightseeing), and the views are often superb. Be warned, like most things in Switzerland, it’s not cheap, so if you’re planning on doing a fair bit of train travel in Switzerland (who wouldn’t want to?), invest in a Swiss rail pass and you’ll save a ton of money. (Bonus: children under 16 travel free when accompanied by a guardian who is on the pass – nice!) If you’re planning to travel by train in other parts of Europe as well, you can use Rail Europe to book your rail pass.

Swiss trains with a baby or kids: don’t miss the family carriage.

Swiss Trains Family Carriage with plenty of room for a pram and bikes
On Swiss trains the family carriage has plenty of room for a pram (and bikes!).

Money aside, there’s one amazing aspect of Swiss rail travel many parents miss: the family carriage.

They’re not on all services, but are usually found on the busier, intercity trains and the express trains. The family carriage is usually depicted with a mural on the outside (but if you can’t find it – just ask a guard on the platform which one it is).  Once inside, there’s plenty of space for prams (also bikes). But don’t be fooled into thinking this is the best bit.
Go up one flight of stairs and you’ll find a playground, perfect for kids under five. There’s a slide, things to climb in and on, and more coloured murals. ON A TRAIN!

Babies, of course, need vigilant supervision anywhere, but this is a really safe playground for babies in terms of gaps to fall through (nothing problematic) or steps with no rails (nope). So you may even find you are able to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee (there’s a person who will come past with a trolley of hot drinks for purchase).   Seriously: this is public transport heaven for family travellers.

Swiss Trains Family Carriage with baby playing in kids area
The Swiss trains’ family carriages are fabulous for babies and older kids.
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