Swiss Trains - baby in kid play area

Swiss trains: the family carriage

There's public transport, and then there are the Swiss trains. Really, with or without a baby, it's hard to beat this country's train system....
Baby carseats

Baby carseats

The main question with car travel is whose car? Our view is, if possible, take your own car. We know, this is not always practical, but there are benefits.
Car driver view - roadtrip with baby

Roadtrip with baby: how to

Roadtrip with baby? Are you crazy? No - you just need to be prepared.
Flying alone with baby: 7 tips for success, baby exploring the plane

Flying alone with baby in tow? 7 tips for success

Nervous about flying alone with baby? Our 7 tips for successfully flying solo with a baby will help.
Amsterdam with kids - Kinderboederij de Werf - Kids petting zoo, bikes and a pig

Amsterdam with kids: unique baby-friendly playgrounds

If you are in Amsterdam with kids you must try the local playgrounds with a memorable twist: they are also petting zoos known as Kinderboerderji.
Dining out Montmartre - Paris - Eating out with kids and babies

Eating out with kids and babies

If your baby is six to 12 months old – and you’re eating in a restaurant, café or pub, you’ll be hoping that a few of the following stars align to keep the experience a low stress one.
You and your travel baby - how to enjoy a holiday when the baby sleeps

You and your travel baby: how to enjoy a holiday when the baby sleeps

This post is simply a bucket list of tips to inspire you on how to make the trip a ‘holiday’ for you. 7 simple ideas for enjoying a holiday with a baby while the baby sleeps.
Flying with an infant: long haul, baby in bassinet on plane

CoziGo review: Will it help a baby sleep?

When I first had a baby, the idea I'd need to do a CoziGo review - or even need a product like this -...
Baby jet lag - Timex clock close up

Baby jet lag

We don't want to alarm you, but frankly, baby jet lag equals a world of exhaustion. How do you get through it?
Stopover - Airport Gate Waiting Area

Stopover: yes or no?

If you’re flying long haul with your baby under one, and are unsure whether stopovers are worth it or not, here’s our opinion: yes, yes, yes.
Baby Friendly Hotel - whimsical design

Baby friendly hotel

What to look for in a baby friendly hotel, and other things to consider when sharing your hotel room with a baby.

Mountain Buggy Nano review: best travel pram?

Journalist and travel writer Sue talks storage, shade and more in this Mountain Buggy Nano review. Is this the ultimate travel pram?

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